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Friday, July 1, 2016

Lorac Pro 3

   The Pro palettes by Lorac are a staple for many people in their makeup collection, and the Lorac Pro 3 palette lives up to expectations... And surpasses them, if you ask me.
   If you would like me to be upfront and honest, this is not only my favorite Pro palette of the series but it is my favorite "essentials/neutrals" palette - beating out all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes.
   With the Pro 3 palette comes a sample size of the Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, just like the Lorac Pro 1 and 2 palettes, and to be brief about my feelings on it... It is a decent eyeshadow primer, I just prefer ones that color correct and mattify a bit more. I do know people who swear by this primer, so definitely utilize the sample given with these palettes! I used mine for swatching this palette, but as you all know by now, the swatch photos magically disappeared and now that my skin is flaring up a bit I have to wait to retake the photos (and I'm not sure when my skin will calm down)... I'm sorry.
    Onto the actual palette itself! Thanks to the wonderful perks of Ulta Platinum Rewards, I was able to purchase this palette just shy of a month early. I first saw the original sneak peak on Tati's YouTube video via GlamLifeGuru, and knew I needed to get it early. The packaging for the Pro 3 is soft/smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye in a minimalistic way, and the size is great compared to most non-travel size palettes. Keeping on the travel topic, the magnetic close for the lid is ideal because it is secure enough for storing in a multitude of bag sizes, which combined with the size is lovely since it takes up barely any space at all... The mirrors in these palettes are nice, but I do always wish they were slightly larger, and it did come with a protective seal stuck onto it... As far as the box, it looks exactly like the palette but a bit lighter in color with a preview of the colors on the back of the box.
   The color selection is from my neutral-loving dreams, and I think this palette is a lot more versatile for all skin tones as a whole than most nude/neutral palettes... As usual with better quality palettes, there was a plastic sheet over the eyeshadows to protect them. The color payoff for most of the colors is identical to what you see in the pan - Terracotta, Truffle, and Medallion are a bit lighter, but they are still buildable. All of the formulas are a breeze to apply, but each a tad different in consistency. The mattes are some of my favorites because they aren't chalky in the slightest and still have a more creamy feel, whereas the metallics/shimmers are like butter and I am honestly so impressed with them. I'm not sure if its just my palette, but Medallion is a bit chunky when picking up on a brush or finger, but it evens out as you layer - just be mindful to tap excess product off your brush... The only colors I'm not crazy about are Terracotta, Medallion, and Light Gold (though its nice as a highlight) but this is only due to my personal style preference. My favorite shades are Almond Pearl, Canvas, Amethyst, and Rose Bronze and I catch myself using one or more of these colors on a daily basis.

   Just in case you missed my two previous Palette Week posts, I do not rate eyeshadow palettes... But the Lorac Pro 3 palette is officially on my holy grail list from now on. If you haven't tried any of the Lorac Pro palettes, I recommend investing in this one - its my favorite of the four I picked up between late May-early June.
   Which Lorac palette is your favorite? How do you feel about their other products? I can't wait to hear on here or over on Instagram!

Note: You can find ingredients for this heavenly palette by clicking HERE!

*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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