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Friday, June 17, 2016

Second Chance: Wet n Wild

   When I first tried Wet n Wild makeup it was around 8th grade, so I wasn't very patient with trying multiple products from the same brand unless I was instantly impressed. With Wet n Wild, two or three items fell very short of my expectations, so I didn't give the brand another chance until a month ago... With lots of new formulations and rebranding, I had a feeling I would really enjoy what the brand had become.

    To start, lets talk about the Photofocus Setting Spray! The Photofocus range is a bit new for Wet n Wild, and meant to be more "professional" - as described to me by a beauty YouTuber... I love the packaging for this spray, with a count on the lid reminding me of science lab gear, and the spray is pretty even.
   From what I've gathered, having a few different family members try it out, it works well with all skin types - even my sensitive, oily skin... I will say that, compared to my ~personal~ holy grail setting spray by NYX, it isn't as comfortable to wear on bare skin but as far as helping makeup stay in place it is a pretty close second.
   I give the Photofocus Setting Spray a 3/5, and will definitely keep it alongside my other setting and toning sprays - but we will see if I repurchase it a second or third time.
    Up next is another Photofocus range product - the Photofocus Lash Primer! I usually don't use primer for my eyelashes because many that I've tried prevent my lashes from keeping a curl (even with a curler and waterproof mascara), but when this product came out I heard really great things about it.
   So, fast forward to my first application of the Lash Primer - I curled my lashes before application of the primer. I let it dry almost completely, then applied two coats of my favorite waterproof mascara. For once, a lash primer wasn't weighing down my lashes and they kept their curl while also having some added volume... For the rest of the week while testing this Lash Primer out, I alternated between curling before and after application of the primer, as well as which mascara I used. Each result was the same - curl kept in tact like using whichever mascara on its own, with added volume, and wonderful comfortability.
   I give the Photofocus Lash Primer a 3.5/5, because it isn't something that I'll likely repurchase because I'm still not crazy about lash primers, but if you are someone who loves them than I'm pretty dang sure you'll love this product!
   The final Photofocus product I picked up was the Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer! I am always on the hunt for a shadow primer that can stand up against my oily eyelids, heat and humidity, and still helps with color payoff.
   Should I just cut to the chase? I think I should... I L-O-V-E this shadow primer. It is everything I wanted the Urban Decay Primer Potion to be, but actually works the way I was told it would. It also evens out (my) skintone wonderfully to where I don't feel the need to use an all over base color (that is my skin color) for eyeshadows - I can go straight into my eyeshadow look for the day... Finally, I want to point out that a tiny amount goes a very long way, and that this is one of the only eyeshadow primers on the market that - no matter how humid it is, how much it rains, or how oily my entire face gets - keeps any and all shadows I've tried from creasing.
   I give the Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer a 5/5 and it is officially a true holy grail product for me that will be used daily from now on! Well, it has been for a about a month now and it is great that my first holy grail primer of any kind is so affordable and cruelty free.
   Last but most certaly not least, I want to talk about the Coloricon Eyeshadow Single in Brulee, and the Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells! In the photos above there is primer underneath the right side of the swatch and bare skin under the left side of the swatch.
   With the Brulee Single, depending on lighting, it can look anywhere from an off-white to a light tan and is very silky in texture. The Eggshells Trio tends to stay the same in most all lighting and has a more velvet texture to it... Both (all four?) eyeshadows blend nicely and have gorgeous pigmentation that lasts the whole day as long as you use a primer or don't have any issues with oiliness on your eyelids.
   I really love the sturdy packaging and formulas and give both Brulee and Walking on Eggshells a 4/5, and who knows - maybe the other colors are even better and I definitely intend on finding out!

   It is unreal how impressed I am with where Wet n Wild has gone with their company and the products they produce... I already have some of their adorable cruelty free makeup brushes, another eyeshadow single, and some lippies on the way to me in the post. I've also heard amazing things about their blush and highlight singles!   I fully intend on checking in on what is new from Wet n Wild from now on and recommend picking some up at your local drugstore or on their amazing website (where you can get 10% off your first purchase).

*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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