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Monday, May 9, 2016

Too Faced Mascara MeltOff

   When Too Faced launched their new product, the Mascara MeltOff, it seemed slightly gimmicky but I was absolutely, 100% interested in giving it a go! As someone who predominantly uses waterproof mascara to make sure my lashes keep a curl, I'm always looking for products that not only make removal easier but also nourish my eyelashes in some way... The claims for this cleansing oil are that it will remove every trace of mascara (regular and waterproof), is gentle within its effectiveness, conditions lashes with rice lipid extracts, and protects lashes with green tea extract - so I really wanted to put this product to the test.
   The design on the Mascara MeltOff is basically a thin mascara tube and wand, minus the bristles on the wand, which makes using the product feel very natural; the user is less likely to poke their eye or use too much product. I noticed the oil is thin, ideal for makeup removal, and smells a bit odd (not chemically but not like oils either) but the scent is VERY minimal and didn't irritate my eyes - also, due to the thin oil, if the top isn't screwed back on tight the product does leak. I simply make sure to keep it in the box when traveling, just in case. Also, I would like to mention that compared to a lot of cosmetics, the ingredients are plainly posted on the box and very easy to read.

   So what do I think about the Mascara MeltOff?
   Well... I absolutely love it!   Not only does it work wonderfully, ready to wipe off in less than fifteen seconds, but my eyelashes feel silky and conditioned after using this product... I tested it out with:
  • Better Than Sex (regular & waterproof)
  • lashSENSATIONAL (regular & waterproof)
  • Plumping blastPRO (waterproof)
  • Scandal Queen (waterproof)
  • The Super Sizer (regular)
  • Eyes Right (regular)

   The only "negative" thing I noticed was that, if left on too long, your mascara will melt off and get in your eyes and is a bit uncomfortable... Just trust me when I say it does what it needs to do in less than fifteen seconds.

   I give the lovely Mascara MeltOff by Too Faced a 5/5... Are there other cleansing oils for makeup that work? Of course! But it is really easy to use too much of those products (with oily residue left behind), or get them in your eye and cause some sort of pain. I like the precision and lack of effort that is needed with this product - best friend to someone with shaky hands and easily irritated skin... I'll still use some of my "old favorites", for sure, but I'm definitely keeping Mascara MeltOff around as my makeup collection grows!

Note: Ingredients for this product can be found HERE.

*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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