"One Lump, or Two?"

Friday, May 27, 2016

One Lump or Two Unboxing

   Ever have a dream about a pair of shoes because they are legitimately something from, well, your wildest dreams? Because that is what happened after I first saw the One Lump or Two heels by Irregular Choice, but I wasn't at all in a position to drop $325.00 USD on shoes (I never have been but if I ever was going to, it would be this pair)... I let the desire pass and went about online-window-shopping about a week later, when I was creeping on ThinkGeek and noticed that they have a small selection of Irregular Choice shoes. I figured I would torture myself a little and see if they had the heels of my dreams and...
   They did - and they were $278.00 USD, 30% off, free shipping, and I could get 3% cashback via EBates... Click HERE to sign up and receive $10.00 USD on your first cashback check! EBates hosts thousands of sites and even have specialty events with 15% cashback... The total after tax, discounts, and cashback was about $200.00 USD and Mister agreed I should go for it - I could always return them, right?
   A few days later, my first ever pair of Irregular Choice shoes arrived at my doorstep and my heart skipped a beat when I witnessed how gorgeous the One Lump or Two heels were, and I wanted to share that feeling with you all!
    The box for these heels is a bit thin for a heavier pair of shoes like these, but the design is covered in themes from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon - and can we talk about how adorable the print on the tissue paper is? I like that the heel was protected with bubble wrap and separated from knocking into each other because they're so detailed and, again, more heavy.
   The amount of detail on these heels is unreal... Playing cards, tea, quotes, floral, sparkles, print from the Alice in Wonderland cartoon, fork and knife, ruffles, cake, hearts, and more... And they're extremely comfortable to wear! The heel is sturdy and supportive, although the weight of the shoes was a bit to adjust to - now I love it. Being a staple piece that is a mixture of nerdy, vintage, cute, and outrageous, I can't wait to post different OOTD photos to show off how versatile they really are.
   I cannot get over how in love I am with the One Lump or Two heels and how thankful I am to have found them on ThinkGeek! Irregular Choice shoes are an investment, but well worth the money - they are works of art, tend to be quite comfortable, and last a long time if taken care of (to my knowledge from friends and other bloggers who collect their merchandise)... Very excited to build my own collection of Irregular Choice shoes - if you've been hesitant to try them out, I 100% recommend doing it - and to see the new Alice Through the Looking Glass film.
   Do you own a pair of quirky shoes like these that you love to death? Tag me (@ElleLeFleur) in your photos on Instagram and show them off!

*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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