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Monday, May 30, 2016

Emotional Brilliance Eyeshadow

    So lets talk about how much love the makeup line by LUSH Cosmetics deserves but doesn't seem to receive, at least in the US... The Emotional Brilliance range has made on/expiration date stickers on each product, just like the all LUSH goodies, and consists of the Eyes Right mascara, color supplements/tints (including Feeling Younger which is more of a highlight), liquid eyeliners, the Emotional Brilliance face powder, and cream eyeshadows/lipsticks. Why have I put the shadows and lipsticks together? Because, like with many of their products, LUSH formulated these beauties to be multi-use; shadows as lipstick and lipstick as eyeshadow...
    The eyeshadows I wanted to use as an example and really highlight today is Sophisticated - a gorgeous mocha/copper tone that is as great an eyeshadow as it is a lipstick or eyeliner; I've even know people who have perfected using it as a bronzer (or even contour)... These shadows are great for beginners in makeup and professionals alike thanks to the doe-foot applicator. This small, soft, but sturdy applicator is the perfect size for maneuvering around the eyelid and even creating thin line work with the very tip! The dropper bottle style packaging is not only pleasing to the eye but extremely sturdy, making it great to travel with in your purse/makeup bag/backpack/etc. I personally have never experienced one of these bottles coming unscrewed in my bag and I've used these products for a few years now.

   I personally love Sophisticated as both a base for other eyeshadows or as a color on its own. Even with my oily eyelids, unless it is a pretty humid day, I don't need a primer when using this product! It swipes on opaque and a small amount goes a long way - if you want a more sheer effect, swipe a line on your lash line and use your ring finger to gently pat the color up onto the rest of your eyelid... This line is great for blending with other eyeshadows (cream, pressed, or loose pigments) because when it dries it creates a wonderful base to build next to or over top of, but when it is when it mixes with other pigments in a way that is so effortless looking without needing a transitioning shade. Also, eyeliners lay over-top of this range nicely because they dry so smoothly and don't smear... As far as using Sophisticated as a lipstick, I really like using a burgundy lip liner and shading it in some with the ~shadow~ over-top to create a really unique ombre effect - or patting it in the center of my bottom lip and cupids bow as a highlight.

   The Emotional Brilliance range is... Brilliant! For lack of a more unique word choice *cheesy grin*. The shadow/lipstick range is made for all skin tones and age groups - the first one I ever sold was a deep fuchsia color to a woman who hadn't ever tried non-neutral makeup on any part of her body before! They're that good... That is why I give Sophisticated (and its siblings) a 5/5!
   What is your favorite product from the Emotional Brilliance shadow/lipstick range? Or is there something from another part of the line you'd like me to discuss? Let me know, or head to your local LUSH shop and spin the Wheel of Emotional Brilliance to test something new totally new!

*Although I have worked for LUSH Cosmetics this post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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