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Friday, May 27, 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

   Once more, Disney sought out Urban Decay for a collaboration and thus the Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette launched this past April. I of course got my hands on it right away in excitement to show to you all... Although I have my issues with Lewis Carroll as a person, Alice in Wonderland and its accompanying stories (and games, media, etc) are one of my childhood favorites that grew with me as I have aged!
   The launch of so many fun collaborations thanks to the new film release has me all abuzz and jumping right down the rabbit hole... Won't you join me?
   First and foremost, the Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette is absolutely gorgeous in design! It matches not only the newest film but the general curious and whimsical feelings that the Alice in Wonderland stories bring about... The box, palette, and brush all feature a kaleidoscope pattern on both the front and back, black and white flowers on the sides, and shade previews on the back of the box. When you lift the top panel a framed mirror lays centered with a backdrop of black and white, melting clocks - in the center of the mirror is the quote "we're all mad here"... Below the mirror are two small ~doors~ that say "I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy. My reality is just different from yours." and when lifted open they reveal a beautiful, blue, 3D butterfly that represents Absolem.
   As far as the actual palette itself, its slightly hidden on the front/side - which says "I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then." - and is pulled out using a fabric tab. This aspect is pretty cool as far as looks go, but as a whole the palette is too bulky to be convenient for travel unless you bring solely the actual palette itself (making sure its safely in a Ziplock or something like that).
   Nestled into the bottom of the palette is a duel ended brush - to me this is more like a duel ended blending brush, and although it isn't my favorite, it is still a nice brush in texture and size... The palette itself features twenty eyeshadows that are named after different aspects of the film - a good mixture of matte and shimmer, as well as neutral and bright, options. The colors in this palette are both unique to the palette and ones that Urban Decay already sells - personally, I hope the color Lily becomes permanent because its my favorite in the entire palette. Worth whatever-the-heck they would charge for it!
   So, now I am going to come off a bit bitter... With all twenty shades, I'm only in love with two - Lily and Salazen Grum. They're smooth as silk, go on beautifully opaque, and have barely any fallout (if any at all). Aside from those two shades, the only other colors I enjoy are Cake, Heads Will Roll, and Time; they are unique, nicely formulated, and fun to play with. Every other color in the palette is either extremely chalky with far too much fallout, so patchy that it took over five swipes to make a decent swatch on my hand (aka Gone Mad), or were - to be blunt - quite generic in the sense I could find them in many other decent palettes or single shadows. I will say that most of the colors were very blendable, and/or worked wet or dry...
   None the less, I did have fun trying some extremely simple, easy-to-wear looks - which are shown below - that were inspired by different parts of the movie trailers!
 "Time Is A He"
Lid: Kingdom
Crease: Chronosphere
Bottom Lash Line: UD 24/7 Liner in Underground
"Excitable, Emotional, Prone to Fantasy"
Lid & Inner Corner: Lily
Crease: Cake
Bottom Lash Line: Heads Will Roll
Liquid Liner: Art-ki-tekt by LA Splash Cosmetics
 "Gone Too Long"
Inner Corner: Metamorphosis
Crease: Time
Lid: Bandersnatch
 "Truest Friend"
Inner Corner: Paradox
Transition: Hatter
Outer Corner: Gone Mad
Liquid Liner: Art-ki-tekt by LA Splash Cosmetics
"Urksome Slurvish"
Lid: Salazen Grum
Outer Corner: Mirror
Liquid Liner: Art-ki-tekt by LA Splash Cosmetics

   This palette sort of had me experiencing every emotion I have ever felt about a makeup product... I really enjoyed this palette during the Urban Decay master class, and expressed how worth-while I thought the Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette was. This was the first palette I had gotten excited for with bright colors! But now I am rather frustrated with the outcome and actually returned it (after calling Ulta and explaining my feelings, they completely understood and said I wasn't alone - yikes)... If you ask me (and I don't mean this is a critical way), enjoying five out of twenty shadows in a palette is not worth $60.00+ USD.
   I'm not rating this product because it really is a gorgeous and well thought out piece of art - if you're a collector of palettes then you may enjoy having this on your vanity, but it isn't for me... I had fun coming up with a few looks, even with the bit of struggle I had with some of the colors, and really hope you all approve of my honesty within this post. Still a fan of the Urban Decay vegan, single eyeshadows and will continue to pick them up from time to time!

*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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