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Friday, November 6, 2015

Holiday FUN

   Everyone needs some good, clean fun for this holiday season, and LUSH Cosmetics' holiday FUN is a bath staple, in a category all on its own... Some  familiar scents have joined us for LUSH Christmas 2015 and I'm quite excited to be chatting about them with you all!
   If you're not familiar with LUSH Cosmetics FUN products, they're what many lushies refer to as LUSH PlayDoh - moldable, squishable, play-with-able products for your bath that can be used as a soap, shampoo, or bubble bar!
   These products create much creamier bubbles than the average bubble bar, and before you know it there will be a tub full of fluffy, bubbling goodness; be mindful that these bubbles will dissipate faster than the average bubbles... Also, if your FUN is crumbling, or not sticking together, add a dab or so of water for a quick fix.

   *Please note that LUSH Cosmetics does not advertises FUN products by comparing them to PlayDoh. This is simply what many lushies reference to when explaining how you can mold and play with the products as well as getting clean.
   Shown above are the four holiday FUN bars that I picked up this season...
  • Magic of Christmas - Conjure up a treat! This tangerine, fennel, and juniperberry oil filled FUN shares its scent with the Wizard bubble bar that many of us were missing this autumn season.
  • Snowman - Would you like to build a snowman? You may recognize the scent of Sicilian lemon, bergamot, and buchu oils combine to be almost identical to the Easter soap, Carrot.
  • Santa - Santa Claus kit! Let calming jasmine and ylang ylang of Christmas past linger on your skin... Christmas Eve bubble bar, to be exact.
  • Aliens & Monsters - Where no bath has gone before! You'll recognize this vanilla and black pepper scent from a familiar face of this season - the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.
   *Not shown is the Snakes & Ladders FUN that shares a very similar scent with Ponche shower gel, a potent and fruity product of Christmas past.

   Use these bars to create ghoulish creatures, elves, snowmen, holiday gifts, snowflakes, and even Santa himself! Shown below is the wonderful handiwork of my mother using Snowman FUN.
   For storing FUN, I always recommend the marbling method (see below)... Rip apart the colors into equal parts then mold them together equally. Make sure to get rid of air pockets as you re-create the log shape. Cut the "log" into equal slices, then store in a container that won't have much room for air... It's that simple! (This also works for single colors, you just cut the FUN as-is and store it the same way.)

   I want to make a quick mention, since I've been asked a good bit... The only way to get samples of FUN is when ordering online. In my experience, only when ordering from the UK website... You cannot get samples of bath products (bath bombs, bubble bars, FUN, bath oils, bath melts).
   Also, I want to remind everyone that every time you purchase FUN of any color, 2.5% of sales go to the LUSH FUNd supporting charities in Fukushima, Japan to help create safe places for children to play outside.
   Every FUN that LUSH Cosmetics makes is unique - in scent, use, and look. Whether it is an exclusive in the Kitchen, for a holiday, or part of the (growing) regular line of FUN, they're always worth picking up.

Handmade With Fresh Ingredients: *Vary by product.

*This post is not at all sponsored and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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