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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Clothes Don't Have Pockets

   Recently a post has been circulating the internet, discussing how the fashion industry doesn't put pockets in ~woman's~ clothing so that items like purses will be purchased more... Although there is humor in the post, it does spark a bit of aggravation.
   Lucky for those who use purses, there is a wide variety to choose from... Any size, shape, color, and design you want! The internet can help you find your perfect purse, and this post will show you some different styles that I've used over this past year.
   The New Look Mermaid Clutch brightens any outfit, especially if your closet if full of black and white like mine! With faux snake skin fabric and a holographic/oil-slick color scheme, it was definitely a different type of purse to show up in my closet.
   As an avid fan of Grav3YardGirl for a few years now, her love for these sort of quirky items was rubbing off on me. I had been eyeing this purse, undecided, when my amazing friend Courtney gifted it to me for my birthday this past February... With a magnetic button-clasp to keep shut, a thin (but well made) chain to use as a strap, and a good amount of space inside makes this bag an amazing purchase/gift.
   Needless to say, I am completely in love! It is my favorite go-to bag... And every time I use this clutch it attracts tons of positive attention, and I'm more than happy to direct people where to find it!

   While dancing about in a field with fairies, I stumbled upon The Legend Dairy Bag... Alright, in reality I just took advantage of a pre-summer sale and snagged this novelty up (since I had been eyeing it for a few months). It is great for trucking around, whether you are in the city or searching for unicorns in a forest!
   This purse is one I don't gravitate to more than once a month, and I'm honestly considering selling it because I'm not as in love with it as I had hoped... But it is a nice product, with a thick rope strap that doesn't chafe, more space inside than I imagined, and a strong double magnet clasp to keep it shut... If it were more my style, I know I would be absolutely in love with it.
   I love Bettie Page for her fetish and pinup work. So much so that she is tattooed on my thigh! A year or so ago when I came across the Bettie Page clothing brand, I knew I needed one of the signature purses... The Patent Black Centerfold Purse was calling my name for a while, and when it arrived at my door this past March my jaw dropped at how stunning it was.
   Sleek style, inside and out... Black and white polka dot interior lining, with an interior zippered pocket on one side and two small pockets on the opposite inner wall. Although this is a purse you have to wipe down due to dust showing on the patent leather, it is easily one of the most functional that I have ever owned... Easy to dress up or down, spacious, reliably stays closed with a hinged magnet, and truly a beautiful handbag; Coming in several styles, don't be surprised if I snag another before the holidays come around!
    Shooting with AJay was an amazing experience! She made everything feel natural and comfortable, especially for an anxiety ridden mess like me...
   Unknowingly matching that day by wearing BM leggings, and enjoying some wonderful caffeine and lunch, it was a really nice day... I'm thankful for our new friendship, and can't wait to spend time shooting and catching up again soon.
Photography: AJayJames.tumblr.com
Top: Target
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Purse One: ASOS
Purse Two: Dolls Kill
Purse Three: Unique Vintage

*Any and all opinions are my own; this post is in no way sponsored.*
xoxo Elle
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