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Sunday, August 23, 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix

   By now, you all know I'm quite the lipstick junkie and usually stick to liquid to mattes... I stumbled across ColourPop while searching some Instagram tags, and since I was in need of some new lip products I headed to the site.
   ColourPop.com has a very clean design, and is extremely easy to navigate around. The site has a wide range of cosmetics from highlighters to lipsticks, all less than $10.00 USD. Not only that, but shipping is free over $30.00 (in the U.S.) and when you first make an account you'll receive a $5.00 off coupon via email!
   ColourPop's lipstick range consists of Ultra Matte Lips, Lippie Pencils, and Lippie Stix... For every Lippie Stix, there is a matching Lippie Pencil (you don't have to play a guessing game).
   Lippie Stix come in a variety of formulas, from sheer to matte, and a range of colors that suit all skin tones. With almost every ColourPop product they show swatches on light and dark skin (side by side)... Throw in the great descriptions and ingredients list, I'm in love with the website's set up.
   As you can see above, the Stix don't come in a traditional tube, but rather a convenient crayon style that makes application precise and easy... The formulas of the seven Stix I ordered consisted of five mattes, one satin, and one pearlized. I realized that the matte colors withstood day-to-day activities better than the other formulas, which is the usual with lipsticks. Also, darker colors are "thicker" in formula, but not necessarily harder to apply (maybe more creamy, if you will).
   The bottom left photo is after one hard swipe with a Simple makeup removing wipe, and the bottom right photo is after washing my forearm with antibacterial soap and cold water... The way certain colors "stained" and others easily removed was expected; these also act slightly as a lip stain (rubbed off product is much less noticeable). From my experience thus far, the Stix did not feather much at all - especially the mattes - and withstood much more than "traditional" lipstick would have.
  •  Blood: Matte; A deep, burgundy red. Perfect color for colder days. Applies smoothly, and without much difficulty. Stained lips slightly and has good staying power, so reapplication very drawn out.
  • Bichette: Matte; A red color with wine and plum, making it a classic blue undertone red. Perfect year round color. Applies like silk, so be careful of mishaps. Kisses the lips with some stain, and looks lovely.
  • Flawless: Satin; A red undertone violet that even Beyonce herself would love. Perfect for colder weather or year round bold statement days. Glides on when applying, but I didn't notice any stain.
  • LBB: Matte; A plum/wine toned pink-ish purple. Perfectly fine for year round. A bit more thick/creamy, but well worth the extra-steady application. Some staining if worn for long periods of time.
  • Lumiere: Matte; A dusty mauve color that is my favorite in the whole bunch (believe it or not). Wonderful for year round wear. Applies like a gem, and although it doesn't stain it has great staying power.
  • Westie: Matte; A perfectly dusty, baby pink. Lovely for any spring, summer, and even fall occasion that calls for a touch of softness. Application is effortless, with no noticeable staining, and a tiny bit less staying power.
  • Wet: Pearlized; A cool mixture of taupe and gunmetal that I'm 100% into. Nice for cold weather, but also great in warmer months thanks to the taupe. Applies beautifully, has much more staying power than I imagined, and no noticeable staining.
   The Lippie Stix formulas all have a signature scent, much like M.A.C lipsticks! The scent is that of fresh baked white cake that has yet to be covered in frosting. It is uplifting, without any sort of sugary-sweet notes - I'm in love with it!
   ColourPop's customer service and shipping was awesome, for lack of a more eloquent word. My package arrived two days earlier than the tracking showed, and the box was very sturdy. The product packaging is wonderful... Representative of the clean yet stylish look of the website, well made, and also containing a list of ingredients for that particular product; with proper labels consisting of the cruelty free symbol, made in the U.S.A label, product type, product name, brand name, and company address.
   The ColourPop brand is now one of the two companies I automatically suggest to those looking for lip products that are worth every penny spent... I'm completely hooked, and can't wait to make my next order to try some eyeshadows, as well as the Ultra Matte Lip line... Head to ColourPop's Instagram (@ColourPopCosmetics) and check out the endless stream of swatches and brand announcements, and once you realize that this brand is for you (like I know you will), hop over to ColourPop.com to make your first purchase!

*These products were worn on multiple occasions for over a month.
This post is in no way sponsored; all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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