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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Frozen Bath Bomb

   "Let it go, let it go!" with this LUSH Oxford Street exclusive bath bomb, fittingly named Frozen... With a scent in the same family as Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, Frozen bath bomb is a cheerfully uplifting delight!

"Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? Take this magical blend of uplifting grapefruit and Tunisian neroli into the bath with you to thaw the iciest of moods."
   My first impression of Frozen was that it smelled quite clean and I could tell this bath was going to be very refreshing. Once it hit the water and began to toss and turn fizzing, it's color reminded me of the generic blue freeze-pops of summers past... Suddenly, a layer of creamy white "film" was starting to fully cover the top of the water, and the bath bomb was releasing silver glitter in two consistent streams!
   Now, I'm not big on glitter (as I've stated in the past), but the glitter within Frozen is very fine and I enjoyed how it made the water seem like it had a magical current. It did stick to my skin some, but it was a pleasant amount. I looked as though I had lightly dusted myself with body lustre. Also, a light ring of glitter was left around the tub, but easily wiped away... The film on the water left my skin feeling extremely soft, and scented lightly of grapefruit... I tested the bathtub jets, and the creamy film on the water lasted roughly 10-15 minutes before dissipating; I'm sure it would last longer without the jets on.
   The two main scent notes in this bath bomb are grapefruit and Tunisian neroli (a sweet smelling oil derived from the bitter orange tree). These are two very strong scents on their own that mellow out when fuzed together, and create a beautiful aroma... As I mentioned earlier, Frozen is very uplifting, and almost "clean" scented at first. I did however notice a hint of rose oil, and as someone who has a hard time with rose, it was actually very pleasant.
   When it comes down to it, Frozen bath bomb was a lovely surprise! I give it a 4/5, and I can't wait to get my hands on more of them... If you have a chance, I highly recommend you pick one up at LUSH Oxford Street.
Handmade With Fresh Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Snowflake Lustre (Potassium Aluminium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide), Perfume, Grapefruit Oil (Citrus paradisi), Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara), Rose Oil (Rosa damascena), Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Lilial, Hydoxycitronellal, Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Silver Glimmer Lustre (Corn Starch, Maltodextrin, Mica, Colour 77400, Potassium Aluminium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide), Colour 42090, Colour 42053

*I was in no way sponsored to give this review and all opinions are my own.*
xoxo Elle
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